Pursuit of Better

Building a bridge towards a better future


Our bold, modern corporate culture has its foundations in core values and ethics that have been passed down from generation to generation. As long-time purveyors of alcoholic beverages, we realise we have a duty of care towards our customers, and have therefore collaborated across the industry and with relevant bodies to advocate responsible drinking.

Another key area in which we focus our efforts is the environment. No organisation that has been as long around as we have can afford to look away from the current challenges the natural world is facing, and so we consider it our moral obligation to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We have acted on this by focusing our efforts on recycling and air monitoring, as well as supporting technologies to make both these processes more attainable.

The Group is also a member of the Greenpak Cooperative, who run the most trusted waste recovery scheme in Malta, providing legal compliance to business traders on the island.



Is a world without waste possible?

We think it is.

The Group supports clean energy sources which are key to fighting pollution-related health issues and protecting the environment for future generations. One example of such a source is solar power, which is not only robust but also limitless. In fact, it is the most abundant energy source in existence, with the sun transmitting more energy to the earth’s surface per hour than what the entire world’s population utilises in a year.

Of course, we’re all aware that charity begins at home – or in our case, the workplace. That is why we have implemented a set of green initiatives in our offices in an effort to encourage habits such as waste sorting, no plastic bottles, switching off computers during breaks, using homemade cleaning supplies, and others.


Having supported and guided generations of our family within our Group, we take this further by empowering ambitious entrepreneurs to help them succeed. We do this by providing information, expertise and financial resources to get things off the ground and scale.