Our Journey

The M. Demajo Group strategy


Here at M. Demajo Group, we consider ourselves to be on a never-ending learning curve. Our decades of experience in bettering our own organisation have taught us the value of giving back to the society that has in turn helped us grow – we would not be where we are today without our loyal consumers and partners who have stuck by our side. 

Our Jurney

Our Purpose

Our purpose is what makes us who we are. Striving for excellence is built into our values and is at the heart of what we do every day. This mindset stems from our roots and our origins, informing the way that we operate and improve our products and services.


We have always recognised that there are no shortcuts to success; instead, we focus on an ongoing quest for excellence that adapts and adjusts to the challenges of today and tomorrow’s foreseeable world.


We live our purpose everyday by concentrating on our services, products, and brands, by exciting our customers with quality, strengthening our identity, and by continuously aiming to do better.


Each of us, wherever we work within the M. Demajo Group, contribute to living our purpose through our daily actions.

Our Ambition

The M. Demajo Group aims to be able to excel further towards servicing our existing and potential client base, while also helping to shape a better tomorrow for humanity and impact people’s lives in a meaningful way. Shaping a collective ambition isn’t simply about crafting an inspiring story.

The Group is on a mission to help their performance-driven teams achieve goals and work towards furthered success. 

We believe great culture, positive accountability, and elite productivity are the ingredients to enhanced success.

Our Priorities

We focus on four critical criteria to achieve our goals:

1. Defining our brand: We maintain a strong image and market positions in order to drive growth.

2. Developing opportunities for expansion: We invest in areas and categories where we perceive potential for long-term development.

3. Delivering value for investors: We strive to provide an attractive environment for employees while strengthening our business model through our relationships, capital, and resources.

4. Cultivating a winning culture: We nurture a mentality within our organisation that celebrates virtue, the importance of teamwork, and that sets the groundwork for success.


Factors In

Our Jurney

Leverage our strongholds

Excel in execution

Funding the journey process


Mergers & acquisitions

Startup incubation

Team-based performance

Achieving together 

Ethical Business 


Organic growth in operating profit 

ROIC improvement

Optimal capital allocation