Who we are

A recognised leading business player in Malta

About The M.Demajo Group

The M. Demajo Group is a well-known business player in Malta that has a long history dating back to Malta’s post-war period. Due to a dedication towards long-term success, the Group’s growth and diversification has resulted in a broad covering of business sectors.

Beginning with the importation and distribution of wines and spirits at the turn of the 20th century, the Group eventually expanded into manufacturing, retail, graphic arts, timbers, and other areas.

Corporate Governance

The M. Demajo Group aims to maintain and develop a constructive and positive relationship with all its shareholders. Furthermore, the basis of our corporate governance was due to our growth and with this it became clear that more experience outside the family was required, leading to a change in the organisation’s governance strategy.

A decision was reached to appoint a group of non-family professionals to work alongside the family directors, with both following a set of clearly defined corporate governance rules. Our approach allowed for effective advancement where human resources were concerned.

As for the family members, the third generation worked closely with the fourth to ensure that core group values and principles were passed down and incorporated with their successors’ wide range of academic skills.