Start-up Financing

We turn potential into performance. Our start-up support programme is designed to catapult new ventures through the initial phases of their corporate and business journey.

Why choose us?

Having been in operation for over a century, few other organisations understand the challenges of entrepreneurship better than the M. Demajo Group. 



As our motto goes – together we achieve because we care. And this doesn’t only extend to our own practices, but also towards the ambitions of those who are just starting out and looking to start off on the right foot. With our robust network of partnerships across the island, the Group can help you on your start-up journey and transform your raw ideas into great companies, giving you the support you need and helping you refine your monetisation model.





An Accelerator

Are you already seeing signs of a strong market for your product? Do you have an actual product or prototype in hand? If so, our start-up accelerator programme can help you elevate your company’s growth and hone your business model. We’ll also help you with any further mentorship, financing, and education you may need in order to rapidly scale.

Seed funding

Sources of seed capital can be angel investors, family members, or friends. Usually, however, angel financing is usually favoured over the other options. Seed funding can allow you, the start-up, to purchase a portion of your business’s ownership, even while it is at its most undervalued. This type of funding provides the “seed” from which your company will grow into a “tree”, usually by helping to finance product development and market research.


Start-up financing can either come in dilutive or non-dilutive forms; whichever option you choose, it is the most crucial stage of any newborn business. We at M. Demajo can help you accelerate your company’s growth and provide you with all the connections and funding you need, helping you streamline your expenses.


The incubation process is otherwise known as the trial period of a start-up’s funding. At this stage, “incubated funds” are granted only to a chosen few with the aim of testing several strategies throughout the various developmental phases of a company. This goes on until the company in question has enough physical, financial, and human resources to operate by itself.

Do you have what it takes?