Malta’s sole manufacturing plant for corrugated carton products

About Multi Packaging limited

For the past 20 years, Multi Packaging Ltd have been Malta’s sole manufacturing plant for corrugated carton products, which mainly include corrugated reels, carton boards, and carton boxes. The company covers a wide spectrum of clients within the manufacturing industry, as well as B2B and B2C customers.

Throughout the past 55 years, Multi Packaging Limited have evolved into providing state-of-the-art finished products for a vast client base both within the Maltese islands and beyond.

Their geographical position have enabled them to service overseas clients in both southern Italy as well as North Africa - mainly the result of a successful company with a firm vision. This achievement was only possible through the constant investment in our human resources, machinery and technology, and last but not least, research and development. All these elements have enabled Multi Packaging Ltd to maintain their clients’ expectations and meet their needs.