Ethical Business

Choosing the correct path


Our moral compass is a fundamental value at the M. Demajo Group that connects with staff, appeals to their inner self, and makes them feel they are doing something valuable. Essentially, we want our workers to feel like they are part of a purpose, not simply a project or a 9-to-5 job.


At the M. Demajo Group, we also find that mentoring start-ups is a responsibility we adhere to. Working with start-ups provides us with access to fresh ideas, ways of thinking, and techniques, allowing us to better exploit our own resources, assets, and technology.


At the M. Demajo Group, we strongly emphasise the importance of ethical behaviour and integrity across all levels of our organisation. This is why we constantly work to promote the highest possible ethical standards in our workplace and across our workforce at large.

We are of the firm belief that the respect and confidence we get from our team members, clients, and shareholders determines our shared success. By holding to our word, acting with honesty and integrity, and achieving business objectives via only moral behaviour, we establish credibility. It is simple to state what has to be done, but our deeds speak for themselves.

Will this increase credibility and trust? is a question we like to ask ourselves before taking any action. Will it contribute to the development of an atmosphere that will allow our brand to prosper in the long run? Is the promise we’re about to make one we can keep?

Answering “yes” to the above questions and making a daily effort to uphold our reputation are the only ways we choose to maximise our trust and credibility.


At the M. Demajo Group, we believe that employees deserve to have their voice heard and their rights fully protected by the organisation at hand. Our staff are fully encouraged to come forward if they have any concerns they wish to raise, or if they believe that that the groups Code of Ethics & Conduct, the Group’s relevant laws and regulations, or any other of our policies have been breached.

Points of contact include your manager or our HR team. Alternatively, you can also issue a written message to Meanwhile, external reports are welcome to contact the M. Demajo Group by email via


We do not allow any type of retaliation against people who speak out in good faith. Such retaliation is considered a violation of our corporate beliefs, and may result in disciplinary action. Moreover, anyone who is determined to make false claims may face repercussions.


What happens after my report has been submitted?


We at the M. Demajo Group take any allegations of wrongdoing very seriously and will get in touch at our soonest possible opportunity.

An independent and skilled team meticulously reviews each report and, if appropriate, proceeds with a full investigation. We will then take the necessary corrective measures in the event of any breach of the law or our internal policies.

NOTE: Please rest assured that any anonymous reports will not have any personal information attached once received by the Group.