Green Habits

Everyday actions & ecological expedients we abide by for a greener world


The M. Demajo group raises awareness and aims to accomplish more for their office environment. Projects for the team include starting or enabling a more successful recycling programme, and helping to inform purchasing decisions on energy-efficient appliances and green cleaning supplies.

Our Guidelines

greener habits in the workplace

cleaning supplies

No plastic bottles
use in the office

Waste to be sorted
out in separate bins

Use of scrap papers over
fresh sheets when possible

Carpooling, public transport, walking, or cycling encouraged

All electricity switched off
after hours & during breaks

How Are you keeping Green?

We at M. Demajo Group are always looking for new ways and ideas of how to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our green initiatives in the workplace. If there’s any way you think we can improve or if you feel you have any suggestions for us, we’re all ears. Get in touch below!