Reducing the negative impacts on the environment

Waste Paper Baling

Multi Packaging Limited have invested in paper balers as an effort to improve their recycling methods. Paper is compressed and bound into solid bales using a paper baler which, allows for the transportation of paper and cardboard to recycling facilities made easier.


When preparing paper products for recycling, shredding is crucial. The little fragments that have been shredded (or ripped) fall through a hopper and into the baler.


It is then compressed by a ram that is operated by hydraulics, where a dense block is created from the condensed material. To maintain the securely packed material until it is ready for processing, our machines tie the tightly compacted material with wire. Paper is then exported to dedicated recycling plants in Italy.

The Greenpak Cooperative

The M. Demajo Group are a member of the GreenPak Cooperative, the latter of whom were established in 2004 – today, they are the pioneer of post-consumer waste recovery in Malta. In 2010, GreenPak became a Cooperative Society Limited owned by the very companies using their compliance services.



The GreenPak Cooperative Society is stronger because of its wider shareholding base, with members enjoying more benefits. With over 1,200 members, GreenPak remains the most trusted waste recovery scheme in Malta.

300 Reverse Vending Machines

Envipco has been awarded a long-term RVM supply and services contract with Beverage Container Refund Scheme Malta (‘BCRS’), which is the licensed operator of Malta’s Beverage Container Refund Scheme.



The contract includes sales and service of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) across the range of Envipco products, including Flex, Ultra, Optima and Quantum. The contract is expected to provide initially for the installation of approximately 300 RVMs. Initial RVM deployment will commence by the end of 2021, with rapid expansion in support of the Go-Live in 2022. For service and maintenance, Envipco is partnering with Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd. (‘JCS’), a member of the M. Demajo Group and a leading infrastructure and technical services company in the country.



Envipco is creating a cleaner world for future generations through our recycling technologies. We are committed to delivering results for the markets we serve, our customers, employees, and investors.

Air Monitoring

Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment, with specific focus on monitoring the pollution found at various points on the island. They provide monitoring technology and services to measure air pollution to assist government, industry, and the public to better understand how we all affect air quality both globally and locally.

This sector of the company’s portfolio services the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA), The University of Malta, various factories, and even home users. JCS’s core activity in this sector is the supply, commissioning, and maintenance of monitoring stations or single instruments, depending on clients’ requirements.