A market leader in parquet flooring

About M. Demajo Timbers

A market leader in the local scene, M. Demajo (Timbers) Ltd have the necessary resources and capabilities to pursue a growth strategy, building on their past success. One of their latest products is, in fact, the Kaindl 10mm narrow plank laminate flooring – a first in Malta of its kind, offering style, strength and durability all at once. Decades of experience in the laminate flooring sector lie behind the Kaindl collection including trendy designs with the most up-to-date product attributes ranging from soundproofing to antistatic and antibacterial surfaces. The full range of Kaindl in Malta can be found at M. Demajo Timbers Ltd.

Extremely hard-wearing, resistant to abrasion and impact, whilst also being simple to install and easy to clean. M. Demajo Timbers Ltd supplies parquet flooring in Malta for homes and commercial properties, with a varied range from budget to premium, covering all possible tastes as to tone and consistency. Their policy, which holds that ‘no job is too big or too small’, is the bedrock on which they base their values, whether working on the smallest living-room or the largest five-star hotel.

M. Demajo Timbers Ltd work with an ever-increasing network of interior designers, as well as contractors and turn-key project managers, always mindful of their main strength which is a personalised service.

Laminate flooring brings with it a host of benefits that keeps it in demand when choosing new floors – it’s come a long way since its early roots in Europe and subsequent introduction into the US. Moreover, advancements in the technologies that render the image (wood, stone or tile) and combine it with realistic surface texturing have made it one of today’s most popular flooring choices.

The Kaindl 10 mm narrow plank flooring is available in several colours, including the popular dark wood hues that are very much in vogue at the moment. Contrasting dark floors with stark white walls and designer furniture is a recurrent scene in several of the home and design magazines, where texture and light play a big part in the aesthetics of a room or office. The smooth feeling of walking barefoot on your newly laminated floor offers a unique freshness in summer, and a cosy and warm feeling in colder seasons.

M. Demajo Timbers Ltd. are also highly active in the provision and supply of bamboo flooring, decking, rubber flooring mainly used for commercial properties, solid parquet, and wooden staircases. Their original role - that of timber importation - has given the company a reputation for a quality range of timber in Malta. Currently expanding in related activities in parquet, industrial flooring and ancillary materials, the company also offers free onsite estimates and professional consultation.