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The M. Demajo Group is a recognised leading business player in Malta, with a successful history spanning numerous decades. The Group’s growth and diversification has resulted in a wide coverage of business sectors through a commitment to long-term results. Starting from the importation and distribution of wines and spirits at the beginning of the 20th century, M. Demajo expanded in post-war Malta to cover manufacturing, retail business, graphic arts, timbers, and increased involvement in large projects. In line with developments during the island’s post-Independence era, the Group became an innovative player in the tourism sector as well as the regional energy sector, and is a prominent actor in the local developing ICT scene.

The Group has been in existence for over a century, with fourth-generation family members now in management positions. It all began in 1910, when the company’s founder, Michel Demajo, started his first commission trading as a supplier of spirits to the British forces in Egypt before World War I.

Over the years, following the events of World War II, sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, and the services industry began undergoing significant development, resulting in several investment opportunities. This did not go unnoticed by M. Demajo, who, in anticipation of the needs of the Maltese population, started providing progressive, state-of-the-art products and services to meet this demand. All this served as the catalyst for the company’s next chapter.

During the next few decades, the Group continued to diversify and expand, eventually transferring ownership to the second and then the third generation of the family. Recent developments have welcomed the fourth generation as well as non-family members, together with the organisation’s introduction of corporate governance.

In more recent decades, the Group’s various activities have been developed through organic growth, acquisitions, and partnerships. Its strong financial situation, its business reputation, and its renowned track record as a business partner are all key factors in its continued expansion.

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