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About Smart Technologies

At Smart Technologies, we embrace technological innovation because of the benefits it allows us to pass on to the client. Therefore, an increasing number of businesses are looking at us to assist them in the integration of their IT systems, and increasingly, in their journey towards the digital transformation of their activities. Over the years, Smart Technologies has, amongst others, established itself as a leading provider of IT Infrastructure and Professional services, in areas such as Cabling Systems, Networking and Wifi  services, the provision of the latest Mobility Solutions and a holistic approach to IT Security.

Smart Technologies is also at the forefront in the delivery of the trio of complementary Server, Storage and Visualisation services. Smart Technologies’ strength comes from their recognition that when you have all these three services running in unison, and complementing each other, you get an infrastructure that is hard to beat at all levels of operation. All these services are underlined by a commitment to longer-term support through Smart Technologies’ managed services, designed to maximise the performance and reliability of your IT set up. 

About Smart Technologies Software

Smart Technologies Software Ltd (STS) is a subsidiary of Smart Technologies and. was established in 2003 with the objective of providing integrated systems solutions targeting specific customer needs. Since then, we have focused on developing innovative approaches to address business problems by leveraging our expertise in business process design.

We are proud of the fact that our solutions have consistently proven successful in enabling our customers to make accurate and timely, data-driven decisions. Thanks to the work of our experts, our customers have also managed to gain critical insights from disparate data sources, and to automate processes by using business intelligence (BI), analytics and specialised data integration services.

Our success has also derived from our desire to understand and respond to market trends, to listen to and work together with customers, and to meet their expectations through the provision of quality services, the delivery of tailor-made solutions, and the generation of added value. At STS we believe in making your data work for you and our ability to respond to challenges in particular business sectors, such as catering and retail, have helped STS establish itself as a niche software specialist, with a growing local and international client base.