Exigy and servizz.Gov shortlisted for ‘best e-government initiative’ mca ebusiness award for development of outstanding servizz.Gov platform

Exigy, a leading supplier of software solutions based in Malta, have been nominated together with servizz.gov for the ‘Best e-Government Initiative’, which celebrates the best use of ICT to enhance interaction between Government and a wide spectrum of stakeholders – whether members of the general public, entities, or other Governments.

The servizz.gov infrastructure was built in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister using innovative Microsoft technology, namely Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, with the aim of transforming the client’s experience with respect to the accessibility of Government services and also improving overall customer satisfaction by implementing an effective one-stop-shop for clients and a 360-degree view of all service requests. The solution provides a holistic approach to a centralised Government service catalogue, bridging the digital divide through multiple access channels.

Government entities now have the tools required to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach: by using the software to track activities and actions related to clients’ requests and to facilitate sophisticated reporting, deeper insight into the different social needs is constantly being captured in real-time, allowing the continued provision of quality public services across departments. Furthermore, to truly achieve business transformation through technology, client requests through the servizz.gov platform are backed by Exigy’s commitment to quality and availability in the form of a service level agreement.

“We are honoured to be shortlisted for the ‘Best e-Government Initiative,’ said Francois Grech, Executive Director of Exigy, stating further that the nomination “affirms our team’s dedication, commitment to quality, and expertise in Microsoft technologies.” Kevin Schembri, Microsoft Malta, added: “Our partners, Exigy, successfully delivered a solution developed on our technology platform to provide the operational backbone for servizz.gov, aimed at serving clients with a more accessible, streamlined and efficient Public Service. This is a direct reflection of Microsoft’s corporate mission to empower every person and every organization to achieve more.”

Winston Pirotta, Head of servizz.gov within the Office of the Prime Minister, also spoke about the nomination: “Servizz.gov’s vision was clear from the onset – that of bringing government services to the heart of the community. To implement this vision, an e-Government platform had to be designed on the basis of four ‘quality of service’ pillars, namely voice, design, delivery and accountability. This was indeed implemented in tandem with our stakeholders, such as Exigy. However, the job is not yet finished. Servizz.gov, together with stakeholders of Exigy’s calibre, continues to set new targets and objectives to meet the ever changing clients’ expectations.”

The eBusiness Awards are run by the Malta Communications Authority and consider various criteria from creativity and innovation to value and administrative gain. The winners will be announced at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta on 28 March 2018.