Bencini Demajo Corporate Services Ltd

Bencini Demajo Corporate Services Ltd is a Company Service Provider registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide a variety of financial services to companies and individuals alike.  Consisting of professionals in all areas of the services they offer, Bencini Demajo Corporate Services Ltd has one goal – to provide their clients with an excellent and reliable service.

The company’s services consist of Company Incorporation, Company Redomiciliation, Company Management, Accounting, Audit and Tax Consultancy Services, Directorship & Company Secretarial Services as well as Registered Office Services. The company also procures fiduciary services whereby they arrange for a nominee shareholder to hold shares in a company which they have incorporated as well as assisting their clients on the structuring and creation of Malta trusts including trust-management and administration service.

This company is a joint venture and is a member of the M. Demajo Group.